Company Healthcare Management :healthy employees make for a healthy company

OTTO FUCHS KG actively promotes the health of its staff. Maintaining the health and well-being of our workforce is the foremost goal of our company healthcare management.

Health promotion

Increasing pressure in the world of work means that employees are exposed to higher levels of stress. Noise, dirt and poor workplace design significantly impair health. What is more, people often lack sufficient awareness of their own health and well-being.

We proactively tackle these negative factors. OTTO FUCHS offers its staff screening check-ups, preventive measures and cooperative programmes with fitness studios. Internal improvements to the workplace help those whose health has been affected so that they are able to work again without suffering symptoms.

Integration management

If employees suffer work incapacity for more than six weeks in the course of a year, whether in a single stretch or at intervals, OTTO FUCHS offers a programme of integration management, referred by its German acronym BEM. BEM focuses on restoring, maintaining and promoting work capacity and employability. In collaboration with the individuals concerned, we find a solution as to how to overcome the work incapacity and which measures or aids can be applied to prevent further work capacity and maintain employment.


Our company bicycle concept JobRad gives staff the opportunity to purchase the bicycle of their choice – complete with tax benefits.