Seamless pipes

OTTO FUCHS manufactures a wide range of seamless and chamber-pressed pipes on various extrusion presses.

Special manufacturing processes:

Manufacturing pipes with variable wall thickness
This pressing process can be used to produce load-optimized tubes with variable inner and outer diameters. Changing the diameters and the resulting wall thicknesses thus enables us to manufacture strength-optimized components. It is also possible to model pipe areas with varying wall thicknesses, which can be machined or formed further. The benefits OTTO FUCHS offers here are optimized component weight and savings in subsequent operations such as internal turning or additional joining work.

The production of pipes with pressed-on flange
This process - pressing a flange onto the pressed pipe in one operation - has enormous advantages over welded or bolted flanges. The pipe and flange are made of a homogeneous material with absolutely identical properties and a dense structure. There is no drop in strength and there are no leakages anymore in the connection zone between the flange and the pipe. With this process variant, OTTO FUCHS offers completely new possibilities for manufacturing tubular components which previously could not be produced at all or only at considerably higher material and processing costs.


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  • Extrusion presses with pressing
    forces ranging from 15 MN - 75 MN
  • Wide range of seamless and chamber-pressed pipes
  • Aluminium alloy classes 2xxx - 7xxx
  • Diameter range >20 mm - 400 mm
  • Weight per meter up to 80 kg
  • Length up to 11 m
  • Approval of TÜV acceptance according to AD 2000

    Battery enclosures
    Finished parts