Aluminium profile technology is often considered the key technology for future-oriented lightweight construction. Innovative and successful solutions in all areas of our everyday technical life are no longer possible without well thought-through aluminium profile designs. In modern building facades, in mechanical and electrical engineering, in aircraft as well as in shipbuilding and vehicle construction, everywhere where mass is moved, our lightweight construction concepts are required.

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  • Große Profilvielfalt
  • Aluminiumlegierungen der Klassen
    2xxx – 7xxx
  • Magnesiumlegierungen
  • Breites Spektrum an Profilquerschnitten,
    von Vollprofilen bis
  • Filigrane Luftfahrtprofile
  • Klassische Querschnitte für
    die Bauindustrie
  • Komplexe Profile für die
    Automobilindustrie für
    Crash- und Strukturbauteile

    Battery Enclosures
    Finished Parts
    Seamless pipes