OTTO FUCHS manufactures numerous products based on a special joining technology:

The cold joining process (OFKF) developed by OTTO FUCHS.
This technology offers a unique way of connecting profiles firmly and permanently. Instead of thick-walled and heavy large profiles, thin-walled light profile composites can be produced. Compared to large profiles, the tooling costs are significantly lower. This also enables designing the overall construction individually and to adapt it to the respective design requirements.

These profile composites reliably prove their extraordinary static and dynamic load capacity every day. OFKF has already proven itself in thousands of components in various fields of application.

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Special KNOW-HOW

  • Preferred alloys 6060 - 6063
  • Max. component size 3.600 mm x 6.300 mm
  • Overall height 12 mm - 150 mm
  • Weight 8 - 50 kg/m²
  • Special cold joining technology for open and closed extrusion profiles
  • Individual small profiles joined to form a profile composite
  • Profile composites with the properties of a large profile
  • Great design variety
  • Large format plates

Battery enclosures
finished parts
seamless pipes