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Hardly any car in Europe today is without OTTO FUCHS components. Over 150, partly self-developed alloys from our own foundries form the basis of drop forged or extruded semi-finished products as well as innovative, ready-to-install, processed components. OTTO FUCHS is the development and system partner for well known manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.

In the field of transport engineering, weight optimisation and the resulting energy efficiency that can be achieved are at the top of the bill. As such, OTTO FUCHS has developed large-sized parts from its own alloys (such as truck wheels, axle components or couplings for train carriages) which feature maximum tensile strength and excellent fatigue properties.

Facts and Figures

  • customized forgings and extrusions made from aluminium and magnesium alloys
  • group capacity of 2.5 Mio. aluminium forged wheels and 41 Mio. forged transverse links
  • lightweight construction parts for the commercial vehicle industry
  • self-developed and patented OTTO FUCHS cold joining method to join profiles
Transverse link | aluminium
Finestructure synchroniser rings | Special brass partly carbon coated
Steering housing | aluminium EN AW 6063 | Ø 95 x 126 mm | 4.9 kg/m