Grand Opening :On Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018 Weber Metals and OTTO FUCHS KG unveiled our 60,000-TON forging press.

With an investment of over $ 180 million, the 60k is one of the world's largest and most advanced forging presses. As a result, Weber will double its employment to 800 jobs.

The world’s largest forging press in private ownership :Construction time

In 2018 the OTTO FUCHS Group will take the new hydraulic press generating a 54,000 t (60k) of power into operation at the Weber Metals site in California/USA. For the third time in our history we will have the world’s largest forging press in private ownership. The OTTO FUCHS Aerospace Division, an OTTO FUCHS KG and Weber Metals team, applies its joint know-how and resources to come up with the best operative solutions.

The main unit will be the 60 k press (540 mega newton). This will be the most powerful forging press on the American continent’ and the most state-of-the-art machine of its kind ‘in the world.

September 2018

Completion is approaching

August 2018

Test trial in August

May 2018

Press fully assembled - Start Closing Cover Plates 0-Leve.

March 2018

Closing temporary Roof Opening.

Febuary 2018

Assembling Upper Crosshead.

October 2017

Lifting the third pressure sleeve with tie rod.

October 2017

Assembling Moving Bolster East.

August 2017

Foundation Beam in Place (Heaviest Pick in the project: >2,200t).

July 2017

Pre Assembling of the Pressure Sleeve and the Tie Rod.

June 2017

View to the Pump Room (-16ft level) - Welding of piping ongoing in the main trench.

May 2017

First Cylinder arrived on-site.

April 2017

Lower Crosshead in Place.

March 2017

Lower Crosshead ready for the first big lift (1,200t).

January 2017

Floor Slabs ready to start delivering Heavy Casting Components 60k press.

Febuary 2016

First of four parts for the lower crosshead.

December 2016

Moving Bolster West Foundation Waterproofing.

November 2016

Three different maintenance level completed (-41ft, -29ft, -16ft).

October 2016

Formwork of the four major foundation pedestals for the press.

September 2016

Pouring the 13ft thick base plate.

August 2016

First Set of Trench Box in place (-70ft).

July 2016

Crane for lifting the first components of the Trench Box.

June 2016

Further Excavation of the Press Pit (-60ft) - View to the south.

Mai 2016

Main Trench Pump Room for Piping visible - Further excavation of the actual Press Pit  (-50 ft.).

April 2016

View to the Pump Room with first rebar and Waterproofing on the side walls (-41ft).

April 2016

The hall is is in process.

March 2016

View from South East to West - Mud Mat Pump Room East ready.

Febuary 2016

Excavation Press Pit and Pump  Room to -35ft.

January 2016

Excavation Press Pit and Pump  Room to -25ft.

November 2015

In 2015 the 17th of November, after issuing the building permit, excavators and trucks in Paramount are ready to commence earthworks.


With the groundbreaking ceremony, OTTO FUCHS has taken the first step towards the largest single investment in over 100 years of company history. 170 million US$ will be invested in the 60K.


The 3D-Animation of the 60K - it is intended for aerospace enbineering products made of forged aluminium, titanium and nickel materials.