Aerospace :Efficient technology - optimum products

This is particularly true of the aerospace industry, one of the most innovative sectors of our times. In the aerospace division alone, over 150 companies in 40 different countries rely on the unique properties of the products made by OTTO FUCHS. We are represented in this business field with over 5,000 products made from almost 100 different alloys.

Facts and Figures

  • forgings made from aluminium, magnesium, titanium and nickel alloys with own weights of up to 750 kg and 5 m length
  • extrusions made from aluminium and magnesium alloys from 0.1 up to 25 kg/m
  • rolled rings for aircraft turbines made from aluminium, titanium and nickel alloys
    from 300 mm up to 2,000 mm in diameter and from 30 mm up to 800 mm (1,000 mm) in height
Fuselage Frame Airbus A350, aluminium
2,410 x 500 mm | 330 kg
Aircraft wheel half, aluminium
Ø 606 x 277 mm | 50 kg
Gearbox cover, magnesium
1,100 x 165 mm | 34 kg
Sleeve, titanium
700 x 500 mm | 130 kg