Ring rolling :Maximum reliability and maximum safety

OTTO FUCHS has been a supplier of components made of nickel and titanium alloys for aircraft turbines for many years. The rings required for turbines are produced on a separate ring rolling mill. Where appropiate, the rings are then in part drop forged, heat treated and processed using customer-specific machining techniques. Rings made from aluminium and copper alloys are produced for various applications in the aerospace industry and plant engeneering.

The closed value chain from raw material through to the machined component does not only allow optimum production efficiency, it also enables the product and material properties to be optimised very efficiently, including the use of the latest forging and microstructure simulations.

The OTTO FUCHS range of services

  • 400 t radial rolling capacity
  • 250 t axiale rolling capacity
  • ring Diameters from 300 up to 2,000 mm at a height of 30 up to 800 mm (1,000 mm)
  • Nickel alloys Inconel 718 and 718+ and the most well known titanium and copper alloys