Forging :From the highest precision to the smallest detail

The forging methods which we have developed made it possible to ensure grain flow parallel to the main force lines by precisely adjusting the part geometry to the forging process.
The results are strength and toughness values which correspond to our notion of manufacturing excellence and fulfil our customers' specifications relating to the service life of highly loaded safety-critical components.

The special FUCHS hot die-forging technology ensures the optimum in terms of quality and exact reproducibility in small and large series by means of an inter-linked process of centrally-monitored heating and process-integrated heat treatment.

Our range of services

  • hydraulic and mechanical presses with a press capacity of 110 to 60,000 tonnes
  • piece weights of a few grammes to 6,000 kg
  • drop forgings are possible up to a projected area of 30,000 cm²
  • open die forgings and closed die forgings: from a few pieces up to a large serial quantities of 10,000 pieces and more per day
  • our 60,000-TON forging press is the largest pull-down die forging press in the world 

60 k press

With an investment of over $ 180 million, the 60 k is one of the world's largest and most advanced forging presses. As a result, Weber will double its employment to 800 jobs.

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