Extrusion :Quality by the metre

We possess the largest extrusion press capacity with presses from 710 to 7,500 tons. We can extrude the widest range of alloys, and we make use of all the important methods, namely direct and indirect extrusion and the process for seamless extruded piping.

With highly advanced extrusion technology, OTTO FUCHS has managed to steadily extend load limits in lightweight construction for decades. Apart from the wealth of experience, it is the especially creative ideas that have enabled OTTO FUCHS to open up ever-new business areas.

Experten-Team Extrusions

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Technischer Vertrieb

The OTTO FUCHS range of services

  • press capacity of 710 to 7,500 tonnes
  • aluminium alloys: circumscribing circle up to 390 mm
  • magnesium alloys: circumscribing circle up to 220 mm
  • profiles are mainly joined by the self-developed and patented OTTO FUCHS cold joining method
  • Seamless tubes with a circumscribing circle up to 325 mm and a weight of up to 8o kg per meter