Titanium | Nickel


Titanium is not only extremely strong but also resistant to corrosion and with just over half the density of steel, is ideal for applications in which very high loads have to be taken up on an ongoing basis. As such, OTTO FUCHS makes structural parts for the aerospace industry and rotating parts in aircraft engines from a current range of 12 titanium alloys. As one of the first titanium forges in Europe, OTTO FUCHS now looks back on 50 years of experience in handling this material.


Nickel alloys are used in all applications that require stable material properties in extreme environments, for example in the design of drive and engine components in the aerospace industry. Our forgings made from nickel and nickel-base superalloys are highly durable when applied at high temperatures and also highly resistant to corrosion. OTTO FUCHS has processed nickel alloys for almost 20 years. Today, our customers can fall back on the materials Inconel 718 as well as Inconel 718+.


Product examples

Flap track
2,450 mm x 630 mm x 160 mm | 371 kg
Drive cone
Ø 673 mm x 315 mm | 108 kg

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