Materials :Our standard is unrivalled quality

The unique materials expertise of OTTO FUCHS is a cornerstone of the business' success. Lightweight yet high strength materials have often come to act as a focus. They serve to reduce the energy input and this reduces material costs, weight and volume. 

The wealth of experience that has built up over many decades enables us to offer customers a range of material properties that cannot be found elsewhere. The wide range of materials on offer incorporates 156 material alloys: 68 aluminium, 12 magnesium, 60 copper, 12 titanium and 4 nickel alloys.

Our seven foundries represent the cutting edge of technology and have an annual capacity of around 150,000 tons of promary material. Our foundries ensure a closed material cycle in which waste production is 100% reused by returning it back to the production line. This enables optimised production taking economic and ecological aspects into account.