We attach highest priority to consistent compliance with statutory provisions, regulations and voluntary commitments. Our Compliance Programme provides the necessary framework to achieve that goal. The basis of the Compliance Programme is our Code of Conduct, which is mandatory for all OTTO FUCHS employees1 regardless of their responsibilities or position within the hierarchy. The Code of Conduct defines our standards of ethically responsible behaviour. We are committed to the rules of fair competition and free markets and therefore will not tolerate any form of corruption or violations of antitrust law. We respect the universally acknowledged rights of all human beings and strictly reject any form of forced labour or child labour. We are actively committed to tolerance and fairness and refuse to tolerate any form of discrimination.

We expect our business partners to respect the principles laid down in our Code of Conduct and to act in accordance with those principles.

1 The only exception is Schüco International KG, which has implemented its own compliance programme