Knowledge based research and development - on highest quality

Our leading position in the market is underpinned by the fact that we have our own in-house research and development. We regard our applied process and material technologies as an integral part of our development process.

We advise our technology partners in production-oriented component design and material selection, and we optimise our alloys to suit specific products and processes, adapting constantly to changing customer demands. The link between the different simulation tools sets world-class standards - from component design and process simulation through to property prognosis for the component to be developed.

But the best software only leads to the desired result in synthesis with the knowledge and practical experience of qualified and motivated employees. Decades of experience in metal shaping is essential in determining the necessary basic conditions for simulation calculations and for comparing the results with operational practice. 

Development Competency

  • Component design with linear / non-linear FEM
  • 3D forming simulation with Forge from Transvalor
  • Microstructure simulation with Simufact forming
  • Topology and shape optimisation with OptiStruct
  • Optimisation of material properties

    FEM simulation

    The FEM simulation of a fatigue testing shows an Audi A6 wheel with 20 inches in diameter. The yellow and orange areas show that the strain values here are higher than in the blue region, which is what is desired.