Expertise, partnership and sustainability: :are what drive OTTO FUCHS and form the basis for our success.

For a technologically and economically convincing response to challenging customer demands, ready-made products are simply inadequate! Our courage to develop innovative customer solutions has made us a highly regarded and reliable development and supply partner worldwide. Expertise acquired over decades and our own in-house research leads to products of the very highest quality. Motivated staff and a corporate culture based on partnership are our most important asset. Building on a tradition of future orientation, we are always one step ahead of the state of the art. 

Corporate Policy, :Operating Principles and Code of Conduct

The focus of our management policy is on our stakeholders, especially our customers, whom we want to satisfy beyond their expectations with our products and services. To that end, the processes must meet equitable financial, quality, environmental and energyefficient plant and work safety requirements in a balanced manner. The requirements of the corresponding regulations have been summarized and implemented in a processoriented management system.
Product safety and measures to minimize potential risks for employees, customers and end consumers have absolute priority and the full attention of OTTO FUCHS. We are committed to delivering safe products to our customers and take care of all safety issues associated with our products.
To achieve the above, OTTO FUCHS operates an integrated management system. This merges the requirements of our highly differentiated target markets together with the legal, customer-specific and internal requirements and thus enables an optimum cooperation of the targets. These are systematically pursued and are subject to a consistent commitment to further development.
Opportunities and risks are systematically recorded and reviewed - appropriate actions are taken.
Our corporate policy promotes an employee-oriented corporate management, taking into account the requirements of the management systems. Consciously being aware of our comprehensiv responsibility, we are equally committed to employees, financials and the environment. As a management task, we recognize and promote understanding, openness and a sense of responsibility among all employees.