Company :OTTO FUCHS KG – brief portrait

OTTO FUCHS – We shape the future

Experience. Know-how. Innovations.
Space flight, moving people and transporting goods globally, high-tech mechanical engineering, shaping the landscape of today‘s large cities through modern architecture ...
... our enterprise is active in all these areas, furnishing new concepts, products and solutions.

The limited partnership of OTTO FUCHS - founded in 1910 - is a leading globally active company whose products set trends in the aerospace, automotive and construction in¬dustry as well as in the industrial engineering.

Based on in-house material we manufacture extruded, forged and ring-rolled products of Aluminium, Magne¬sium, Copper, Titanium and Nickel alloys for customers who require safety, lightweight design, reliability and durability.

OTTO FUCHS - Perfect in any shape

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