Industrial Engineering

In industrial engineering too, the wide variety of processes and materials used by OTTO FUCHS enables us to satisfy customer-specific requirements profiles in the best possible technical and commercial terms. Thanks to the reduction in inertial forces, profiles and forged parts made from aluminium, magnesium and titanium alloys can manage rapidly oscillating and rotating movements in textile and packaging machine engineering, as well as turbine and centrifuge construction.

The large fleet of presses at OTTO FUCHS also allows us to produce large-scale components, such as impellers or pistons for ship diesel engines or couplings, articulated joints or wheels for the railway industry.

The special technical options offered by OTTO FUCHS extrusion technology are a vital precondition for manufacturing, e.g. of drill pipes for the oil and gas industry.

Impeller | titanium | Ø 88 x 49 mm | 0.2 kg
Drill pipes | aluminium
Mill wheel of a fluid pump, special brass
Rotor for turbomolecular vacuum pump | aluminium | 19 kg