Construction Industry

With the company’s own alloys and standard alloys, OTTO FUCHS supplies an extensive product range of rods and extrusions, both as semi-manufactured parts as well as finished units. We demonstrate our expertise every day with 12 different extrusion presses and a press capacity ranging from 710 t to 7,500 t.
In this business sector, the use of aluminium is indispensable. It takes pride of place in the construction industry owing to its specific material properties: lightweight, high strength, offering a range of design options, good machinability, resistance against corrosion, sophisticated joining techniques and a wide range of surfaces.

Based on extruded sections from aluminium alloys manufactured by OTTO FUCHS, Schüco develops and supplies energy-efficient solutions covering all components of the building envelope: windows, doors, light domes, facades, building automation, fire protection and safety constructions, sun protection, conservatories and balconies.

In the fields of scaffolding, lamp posts and flagpoles as well as system sections for trade fair construction and shop fittings, our efforts focus on stability, corrosion resistance, low weight and simple operation.

Insulating profile construction | aluminium, plastic
flag pole | aluminium
Profile for doorstep | copper
Thredshod, multifunctional insulating profile construction | aluminium