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OTTO FUCHS Oberflächentechnik is a specialist for perfect surface finishes on aluminium wheels. OTTO FUCHS Oberflächentechnik (formerly Bothner Oberflächentechnik), has belonged to the OTTO FUCHS Group since 1st April 2009.

Using environmentally-friendly painting methods, our employees in Leonberg produce up to 1 million wheels per year.

A total of 90 staff work hard to meet the growing demands of their customers. Besides OTTO FUCHS KG, other well-known wheel manufacturers belong to the customer base of this surface coating specialist. 

Refurbishment of old 'Fuchsfelgen'

Another business area is the professional refurbishment of used classic ‘Fuchsfelgen’. Very much in keeping with the original, old wheels are given a perfect look with a great deal of manual work. 

You can find out more about refurbishment by visiting our 'wheels' page at www.fuchsfelge.com.



Facts and Figures

  • approx. 97 employees
  • painting capacity of approx. 1 million wheels a year
  • large and small scale series, from 12" to 22.5"
  • car wheels for many well known car manufacturers
  • environmentally-friendly as a result of the use of solvent-free wet paint and coating and coating powder

OTTO FUCHS Oberflächentechnik GmbH


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